$64.99 $72.96 sale


$64.99 $72.96 sale

Get the best performance from Trim Renew with this Prep & Coat Package!

Includes our Trim Renew Prep Package as well as our Armor Ceramic Coating!

Note - Trim Renew Sold Separately Here.

Prep Package:

Great prep makes for exceptional results! Most rigs have had years of different dressings, road oils, and other contaminants on their plastics. It's crucial to get these off and properly prepare the plastic so that Trim Renew can work its magic in the best way possible! 

This Prep Package has what you need, and includes a bottle of our All Surface Cleaner and a 2-sided scrubber pad. Both can be used throughout your vehicle as well!

*both sides of scrubber shown, includes ONE scrubber.

ARMOR Ceramic Coating: 

Keep your paint and other surfaces protected from the wear and tear of the trail, road, weather, and environmental factors with Armor Ultra Durable Ceramic Coating!

If it takes you longer to clean your rig than you got to spend playing in it, you need prevents mud, dirt, dust, and other contaminants from sticking to your surfaces. Get it dirty, then rinse it off, no heavy scrubbing or rubbing!

Keep your paint protected from sun fading, road salt and grime, water spots, and other environmental factors, plus get that sexy hydrophobic beading everyone loves when it gets wet!

Armor creates a barrier on your paint, suspension, bumpers, fenders, and glass to keep water flowing off and dirt from sticking to all of those hard to reach and hard to clean places. Also adds protection against trail rash (for minor swirls and marks).

Lasts 12-24 months per application, depending on wash schedule and other factors. Top with our Repel Sealant after each wash to preserve 

Great for Use on:

  • Paint
  • Vinyl Wraps
  • Bumpers 
  • Suspension
  • Undercarriage
  • Glass
  • Tops/Fiberglass
  • Plastic
  • Powder Coated Surfaces

Coverage - a single 30ml bottle will cover most small 4x4s like Jeeps, including bumpers and fenders. For larger vehicles, or if you intend on applying to undercarriage, suspension, or other parts, we recommend 2 bottles.

*Can be poured into a small atomizing spray bottle for easier application to suspension and other undercarriage parts. Will use more product.

Comes in a reusable outdoor water resistant storage case (keep for use on the trail).z

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