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Even though we love getting our rigs and toys dirty, we'll admit that we also love seeing them clean. Sometimes, you only need a quick wipe down to make your rig look amazing!

With Rugged Restore Quick Clean & Shine, you can not only make that quick clean faster and easier, but you'll also add shine and protection.

Rugged Restore Quick Clean & Shine is a quick detailer, cleaner, & spray wax that keeps your vehicles and toys looking awesome between washes while adding extra shine and protection.

Just spray and wipe to clean away dust and dirt. Use on the trail or at home!

  • Easy Quick Cleaning - use anywhere when you need to quickly clean your rig
  • More than a Quick Detailer - use as a quick detailer, cleaner, and spray wax for ultimate value
  • Adds Shine and Protection - works like a spray wax to add shine and protection
  • Use on Any Surface - paint, bumpers, suspension, wheels, and more
  • A Little Goes a Long Way - with our concentrated formula, it doesn't take a ton of product to get the job done
  • Professional Results - all of our Rugged Restore products are used and developed by professionals, get professional results at a great price


  • 18 Fl.oz 


Wheels, Tires, Suspension:

Step 1: Hold bottle 6-8 inches away and spray product onto parts.

Step 2: Wipe with a clean Rugged Restore Microfiber Towel.

Painted and Wrapped Surfaces:

Step 1: Hold bottle 6-8 inches away, and working in sections, spray product onto surface.

Step 2: Wipe with a clean Rugged Restore Microfiber Towel.

Step 3: Repeat for entire area, using additional clean towels as needed.

Finish with Rugged Restore Shine & Protect. For glass, use Rugged Restore Glass Cleaner. Only use on lightly soiled surfaces, for heavier cleaning, use Rugged Restore Wash Shampoo.


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