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$12.99 $19.99 sale

It's amazing how much stuff will stick to every possible surface of your rig or toys after a trip to the trails. This is especially true if you have exposed suspension parts or other uncovered components.

These parts are also some of the hardest to get and keep looking clean, but we have a great product developed specifically to address both of these issues!

With Rugged Restore Shine & Protect, you get both! This high-quality professional spray adds a slick layer to your vehicle so that dirt, mud, and grime don't stick to it, and it adds an awesome matte shine to suspension, tires, rubber, undercarriage, bumpers, tops, and more! 

Rugged Restore Shine & Protect is a high-quality revitalizer, dressing, & protectant for rubber, plastic, vinyl, paint, tops, and powder-coat. Creates a durable and long-lasting shine and makes future washes easier. Apply to tires, trim, bumpers, suspension, fenders, hard tops, interior components and more!

  • Versatile - Use almost anywhere on your vehicle or toys to create a protective layer, and a matte shine on exterior and interior surfaces
  • Great on Tires - works great as a non-sticky tire shine to keep those big meats looking awesome
  • Non-greasy - unlike cheap dressings, Shine & Protect is dry to the touch, which means it won't pick up dirt from the trail
  • Makes Cleaning Easier - by creating a slick layers on parts like suspension, wheels, bumpers, and undercarriage, you'll be able to get all of the mud and dirt cleaned off much easier
  • Professional Results - all of our Rugged Restore products are used and developed by professionals, get professional results at a great price
  • Long-Lasting - each application requires very little product, so this 18oz bottle will last a very long time

Note - this product is not for restoring faded trim. While it will definitely make it look nicer, if you want a longer-lasting product, please purchase Trim Renew, made specifically for that purpose.


  • 8 Fl.oz (with flip top lid)


  • Shine & Protect & Small Applicator Sponge



EXTERIOR: Thoroughly clean all surfaces using Rugged Restore Easy Wash & Wax and Rugged Restore All Surface Cleaner or Rugged Restore Cleaner & Degreaser. For faded trim, bumpers, and tops, use Rugged Restore Trim Renew prior to application. Prior to use, remove lid seal. Place small amount on applicator and apply to surface. Let dry for 15 minutes. For additional shine, apply second coat. Remove residue using a microfiber towel.

INTERIOR: Clean all surfaces using Rugged Restore All Surface Cleaner. Place small amount on applicator and apply to surface. Let dry for 15 minutes. Remove residue using a microfiber towel.


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