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Enhance Your Vehicle's Defense with Our Sprayable Bedliner


Barricade Sprayable Bedliner is the best bedliner option for do it yourselfers!

Perfect for Truck Beds, 4x4 Interiors, Bumpers, Sliders, Fenders, Underbodies, Frames, Wheel Wells, Rocker Panels, and More!

Save the huge expense of having a commercial bedliner company install your bedliner, you can do it right from home with Barricade Sprayable Bedliner.

Ready to Spray! Water-based for easy clean up, super resilient, and extremely easy to apply with our easy-to-use sprayer, paint roller, or even a paint brush!

STOCK NOTE - we are running low on some colors. If we cannot fill your order, we will notify you right away to determine how you would like to proceed. 

We are currently OUT OF STOCK on Sahara and almost out of Gray. We expect a new shipment, but it may be early October 2023.


*actual colors may vary from what is on your device to do screen variations. Colors shown all together are rolled out onto a sheet of OSB. The black and gray and gray images are spray outs. More spray out images coming.


  • Save $100s Over Professional Installation - With this easy to use bedliner, you can do it yourself and save $100s over professionally applied coatings, but with awesome results!
  • Ready to Use - No Mixing - No extra bottles, solvents, activators, or anything else to mix and use! Just insert the sprayer or pour into a container for rolling, and you're ready to go!
  • Easy Water Clean Up - No Solvents or Chemicals - Unlike other products out there, Barricade Sprayable Bedliner is water-based, so you don't need solvents or other harsh chemicals for clean up. Just use water!
  • Fully Adjustable Texture - Unlike other products on the market, YOU can decide what you want the texture to look like. With our high quality adjustable spray gun, you control how to apply the product to get the ultimate look & texture you want.
  • Paintable - Match Any Color - Barricade's unique formula allows it for excellent paint adhesion. If you want protection, but the color matches your existing paint, Barricade is the best bedliner spray!
  • Easy Application with Multiple Options
    Either insert the custom sprayer into the bottle for a sprayable application, or use a foam roller or paint brush. Any way you apply it, it's easy and looks great!
  • Affordable Long-lasting Protection
    Keeps your vehicle's parts protected from road debris, oils, salt, corrosion, abrasion, abuse, and more!
  • Insulates from Drive Train & Road Noise - Add a layer of sound deadening between you, the road, and your engine!
  • Keeps Coated Surfaces Looking Great - With a great textured look, and added protection, coated areas look great for years to come! Plus, it's easy to repair with a quick coat over damaged areas!
  • Amazing UV Protection - Barricade has been rigorously tested to withstand harmful UV rays. This insures that it will hold up to sunlight and temperature changes. Most products test to 500 hours of exposure, Barricade has been proven beyond 2500 hours, and we continue to test!
  • Used in Commercial, Industrial, & Automotive - Barricade was the factory applied coating on the original H1 Hummer Alpha model, & Heavy equipment manufacturers use it to reduce corrosion by 95%
  • Great Coverage from Each Bottle - Each quart sized bottle covers about 12-15 square feet, so it doesn't take much to cover the parts you need!
  • Install Without the Rush - Since there's no activators, take all of the time you need! Other products have a 60 minute or less "pot life" so you have to be quick! Barricade has no pot life, so you can take your time to do the job right!
  • Better Value - Less Waste - With no mixing, you can use only what you need and save the rest! Barricade lasts for months, not minutes, so you'll waste less product and get a better value!
  • 🇺🇸  MADE IN THE USA! 🇺🇸 - Proudly created, blended, and bottled in the U.S.A!

CLEANING/PROTECTION NOTE - Like other rough surfaces, Barricade may hold onto fine dirt, clay, or other grime. You can make it easier to clean by coating it with our Armor or Shield products, or other good ceramic or SiO2 sealant. Should it become harder to clean, diluted purple power or other cleaner and a soft/medium bristle brush.

COLORS - you must do a spray out test to ensure the color is as you expect, both in sunlight and out. Colors can vary greatly, and even how people perceive them. We cannot provide refunds or replacement product beyond the first bottle of product if you do not like the finished color.

POSSIBLE STAINING - Barricade is a plastic polymer based product. In some areas of the country, the soil and road grime can be staining of various materials like Barricade and similar. We must rely on our customers to determine this risk. If it exists, we HIGHLY recommend you add some sort of clear coat on top of Barricade or a ceramic coating like our Armor product to protect it. We are not responsible for possible damage or staining.

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Purchase Options for Our Spray-in Bedliner Kit:

  1. Individual (1) Quart Bottle
  2. Individual Sprayer*
  3. Extra Large Kit without Sprayer -  (8) Quarts of Barricade Sprayable Bedliner
  4. Extra Large Kit with Sprayer - (8) Quarts of Barricade Sprayable Bedliner Plus (1) Sprayer (Covers Approximately 96-120 Square Feet) - Perfect for LargerJobs or to Have Some Extra
  5. Large Kit without Sprayer -  (4) Quarts of Barricade Sprayable Bedliner
  6. Large Kit with Sprayer - (4) Quarts of Barricade Sprayable Bedliner Plus (1) Sprayer (Covers Approximately 48-60 Square Feet) - Perfect for most Truck Beds or Full Jeep Interiors
  7. Small Kit with Sprayer - (2) Quarts of Barricade Sprayable Bedliner Plus (1) Sprayer (Covers Approximately 24-30 Square Feet) - Perfect for Smaller Areas, Fenders, Rocker Panels, and more
  8. Sample/Touch Up Bottle - 8oz - Perfect for doing a sample area or quick touch up. Currently only available in black.

Check out this informational and how-to video:

Directions for Use:

  • Product is ready to use. Do not add water or solvents.
  • For best results, sand & thoroughly degrease & dry all surfaces that will be coated.
  • Mask areas to prevent overspray, remove tape before coating dries.
  • Apply in minimum of 55°F & relative humidity above 20%.
  • Use eye, skin, & respiratory protection with adequate ventilation, may stain clothing.
  • DO NOT FREEZE - if in an area where it gets below freezing, please store in a temperature controlled location.

Clean Up:

  • Wet Coating - clean up with water & towels.
  • Dry coating - may be mechanically removed/scraped.

Spray Application:

  • Do not apply in direct sunlight.
  • Use Speciality Sprayer available at Rugged Restore (this page).
    • Air Requirements: Working pressure: 40-60 psi (max 140 psi). Approximate air consumption: 5-8 CFM. *note - this is the ideal, we have had customers use much lower CFM compressors successfully, even the popular pancake compressors.
  • Ensure air supply is clean & free of moisture and oil.
  • Screw Sprayer directly into Barricade Sprayable Bedliner bottle.
  • Using a scrap piece of cardboard or wood, adjust sprayer pressure (30-90psi) & nozzle to achieve desired pattern & thickness.
  • Spray on vertical surfaces first, then on horizontal surfaces.
  • Apply full coat on all surfaces. Product will appear gray when wet, & will change to black as it dries.
  • Additional coats may be applied after drying for additional thickness or area repair. 
  • Additional coats may cause the area to appear more gloss than a single coat.

Roll On/Brush On Application:

  • Do not apply in direct sunlight.
  • Use thick nap or foam roller or quality paint brush.
  • Place coating into suitable container for roller or brush access.
  • Apply to vertical surfaces first, then to horizontal surfaces.
  • Apply full coat on all surfaces. Product will appear gray when wet, & will change to black as it dries.
  • Additional coats may be applied after drying for additional thickness or area repair. Additional coats may cause the area to appear more gloss than a single coat.

Other Notes:

Dries in 1 hour at 75°F and 40% humidity. Cooler temperatures will require more time. minimum temperature is 55°F. Do not allow water to sit on coating for at least 1 week.

Thoroughly clean Sprayer and other tools with water immediately after use.

*Sprayer comes with 1/4″ NPT air connector threading, you will need to supply the correct fitting to connect to your air hose. Sprayer is made in Italy.

DO NOT FREEZE! Like many other products, this must be stored in an area that doesn't get below freezing as it can ruin the product.

Looking for Technical Information? Download the MSDS

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