Better than Basic Detailing Kit

Brand: Rugged Restore

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Start building your detailing arsenal with this Better than Basic Detailing Kit!

We were going to just call it a Basic Detailing Kit, but when we saw what you get with it, we decided it was actually Better than Basic!

All Rugged Restore products are professional grade, strong enough for professional detailing, but priced for the DIY customer. We have been in the professional detailing industry for years and weuse all of our products to make sure they perform amazingly at a fair price!

This kit includes a great selection of our detailing products to help you get your rigs and toys clean quickly and efficiently...with professional level results! 

Better than Basic Kit Includes:


  • Easy Wash & Wax - Wash Soap/Shampoo
  • Shine & Protect - Dressing and Protectant
  • Cleaner & Degreaser - Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Wash Mitt - Super Soft Paint-safe Wash Mitt
  • Wheel/Bumper Brush - Wheels, tires, suspension, bumpers, and more
  • Sidekick Towel - 20" x 30" advanced microfiber drying towel. Two Towels in one

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