QUICKLY REMOVE PET HAIR AND MAKE YOUR CARPET, SEATS, & FURNITURE LOOK LIKE NEW AGAIN WITH FUR-EEL! Remove pet hair, lint, sand and debris with ease with the Fur-Eel tool. No more hassles, scrubbing or expensive detailing... The Fur-Eel cleans it ALL in a breeze!Whether you have a home central vacuum or similar with a 1.25 inch (31.75 mm) outside diameter or a 1.5 inch hose (38 mm) inside diameter, this adapter and Pet hair remover kit will have you ready to tackle the mess!* WORLDS FASTEST! 5X faster (no kidding it really is)* Polymeric Silicone pulls Hair, Lint and Sand * Easy to use, just follow easy instructions included* Over 50,000 super satisfied customers! Fur-eel Pro & Fang Adapter Kit includes: 1 Fur-eel PRO pet hair and sand remover  1 Fang adapter for 90% fitment on most vacuums  1 Instructional card with link to a video also Fang Adapter: If you have a 1.25" or 1.5" vacuum hose or connector, you'll want to pick up this adapter for your Fur-eel Pet Hair Removal Vacuum Tool. This durable Fur-eelaccessory backer is the perfect mounting piece for easy one handed use of the Fur-eel The soft latex composition of the Fur-eel lets it easily conform to its round shape. It is also a great stand alone nozzle for times your not battling pet hair. The business end of the tool is near 1/4 inch thick and will wear for 100’s of jobs in the future. It doubles as an adapter for both 1.25 inch and 1.5 inch applications. The inside is 1.25 (inside diameter) fitting most home central vacuum systems, upright vacuums with a hose and many shop wet dry vacs too. The 1.5 (outside diameter) is perfect for most other applications like shop and garage vacuums, professional shops and even car washes. So, Keep the Dog, get Fur-Eel and get rid of the hair! Purchase Options: Fur-eel pet hair and sand remover only Fang adapter only Fur-eel & Fang Adapter Kit  
This high-quality MICROFIBER & FOAM APPLICATOR SPONGE is an easy to use microfiber wax, coating, sealant, and dressing applicator. The inside sewn edges insure that only premium microfiber fabric is in contract with your paint. Perfect for use with our SHINE & PROTECT product on engines, tires, bumpers, etc.  The rectangle cubic shape provides two 3.5”x5” (for a total of 35 square inches) surfaces for application. It fits right in the palm of your hand - is easy to hold and maneuver. The flat surface covers more area for faster application. The medium-firm sponge core gently conforms to contoured surfaces and you glide across the surface. The lightweight, short pile, terry microfiber absorbs minimal product, while applying the product evenly and smoothly. When used for dressings, store in plastic bag for reuse, which saves product. Buy more than one for multiple uses, it's not recommended that you use the same applicator for tires, engine, and interior surfaces due to cross-contamination. SPECIFICATIONS: Professional quality 5” x 3”x 1.75” 260gsm Microfiber Terry 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide - 100% Split Inside Sewn Seam Color May Vary
Like all areas of your vehicles and toys that need cleaning, it's important to have the right tools for the job. This soft bristle brush kit is perfect for so many parts that need to be cleaned with a more gentle approach for sensitive areas like wheels, interior, and various engine components. Combine with our larger nylon brush and our small foam brush for a triple threat! Use for: Lug Nuts - fit perfectly into the lug holes Wheel spokes - Large or small, gives a soft brush to get into those hard to reach areas Interior - use on vents, cup holders, door panels, seats, and more Note - to avoid damage and cross contamination, it's recommend that you use a dedicated brush for both exterior and interior, do not use a wheel brush on the interior.  Details: XS: 205x20mm / 8.07 x 0.79 inch S: 220x25mm/8.66x 1 inch M: 225x30mm/8.86x 1.18 inch L: 230x35mm/ 9.06x 1.38 inch XL: 240x40mm/ 9.45x 1.57 inch Durable, soft and solid detailing brush end, can be unscrewed from the handle. Plastic Handle
Get your rig ready to wash with this Pressure Washer Foam Cannon Wash Kit! This is a basic wash kit to get you started with our Pressure Washer Foam Cannon and Wash Shampoo. Add some brushes, towels & wash mitts, and some Grit Guard systems for the ultimate wash experience, and check out our other detailing kits.  *there may be some product look variation on what’s shipped based on current inventory, but the product is the same or higher quality. KIT INCLUDES: Pressure Washer Foam Cannon Rugged Restore Easy Wash & Wax PRESSURE WASHER FOAM CANNON: Using a foam cannon to wash your rig and toys is an awesome way to easily soap the entire surface to make washing even easier! FEATURES: 40oz (1L) Capacity with 3.4oz (100ml) markings High quality plastic, aluminum and brass fittings Adjustable foam/pressure level on the foam cannon/reservoir Includes 1/4" pressure washer fitting for quick mounting Marked for Soap and Water amounts for easy mixing Max Water Pressure 4350 PSI Max Water Temp 140*F Works great with our Rugged Restore Wash Shampoo WASH SHAMPOO: High-Quality Foaming, Dual-Use Cleaner Gentle – Gently separates dirt and stains from your paintwork with no damage No Stains – Suds wash away with no evidence of water staining Safe – Can be used on all waxes and sealants Dual-Use – Perfect for use with a bucket of water or from a foam cannon Professional Results - all of our Rugged Restore products are used and developed by professionals, get professional results at a great price
Sometimes, you need a smaller brush to reach into the various components. This is especially true when cleaning things like springs, wheel spokes, and engine components. This small foam brush is perfect to reach into those small areas. Combine with our larger nylon brush and our lug nut brush for a triple threat! The brush section is bendable so you can customize how you reach into specific areas. Perfect for use on: Wheels  Suspension Engine For paint and other sensitive areas, please do not use a brush of any kind, use one of our soft wash mitts instead! Details: Handle Length: 4.25" Foam Head Length: 6.75" Total Length: 11" Foam Brush Size: 2"
Your fabric or vinyl soft top material can be expensive and hard to clean. You may be tempted to grab just any old brush from the cabinet or garage and use it on your top, but this may not only be ineffective, but could also damage the top, costing you $100s. With the RaggTopp Premium Soft Top/Convertible Top Cleaning Brush, you know you're getting the best brush on the market, made specifically for your top, and even endorsed by HAARTZ, the world's leading manufacturer of top materials Premium Convertible Top Cleaning Brush Fibrillated Nylex, Soft, Yet Strong to Gently Loosen the Dirt Clean Cloth & Vinyl Convertible Tops Use with RAGGTOPP Convertible Top Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner Safe for Both Cloth & Vinyl Convertible Tops Developed & Endorsed by The Haartz Corporation - World's Leading Manufacturer of of Convertible Top Materials  RAGGTOPP™ HAARTZ® Premium Soft Top Cleaning Brush is the first brush developed and endorsed by The Haartz Corporation in the company's 109-year history. The brush's bristles are made from fibrillated Nylex, which is soft, yet strong, to gently loosen the dirt and debris from the convertible top. The bristles clean gently and do not damage acrylic cloth or vinyl convertible tops materials. Haartz Corporation manufactures convertible topping products to the exact specifications of the world’s leading automakers. Extending that precision to the development of a brush that effectively cleans the convertible tops while minimizing damage to the fabric was a natural next step. Through a partnership with Wolfsteins and Haartz on RAGGTOPP™ cleaning products, both organizations came together to develop a tool to help convertible owners protect their investment and the RAGGTOPP Convertible Top Cleaning Brush was strategically developed.  DIRECTIONS: Rinse convertible top thoroughly to remove loose particles and debris. Apply SOFTTOPP Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner evenly on wet surface and scrub lightly with a RAGGTOPP™ Soft Top Cleaning Brush. Let difficult stains stand for 10 to 20 minutes before lightly scrubbing to loosen soil and stains. Rinse the RAGGTOPP Premium Soft Top Cleaning Brush with water and allow to air dry Cleaning may be more difficult in cold climates below 54° F. Follow up after cleaning with SOFFTOPP Fabric Protectant or SOFFTOPP Vinyl Protectant, depending on your convertible top material. Tested and Endorsed by HAARTZ, The Original Manufacturer of Jeep® Tops Since 1970.  MADE IN THE USA!  
A great but safe scrub brush is essential to get your vehicle and toys clean. You need something to reach into the nooks and crannies, with great bristles that will clean gently, but effectively. This nylon-bristled brush fits the bill and will make cleaning easier. Combine with our small foam brush and our lug nut brush for a triple threat! Perfect for use on: Wheels & Tires - not recommended for gloss painted wheels due to micro-scratching chance, use our soft bristle brush instead Fenders Bumpers Suspension Engine For paint and other sensitive areas, please do not use a brush of any kind, use one of our soft wash mitts instead! Details: Handle Length: 10" Bristle Head Length: 4.5" Total Length: 14.5" Bristle Size: 5.25" x 2.75" x 1.5" (L x W x H)  
Keeping up with all of the tools and supplies you need when cleaning your rigs and toys can be a real pain. Why not keep all of that stuff right on your hips?  The Handy Helper Tool Belt makes detailing your vehicle, toys, and RV easier, and makes working in the shop/garage more fun by keeping the things you need close at hand!  With pockets for spray bottles, tools, towels, scrubbers, brushes, small items (screws), and even your mobile phone, you'll have everything you need right on your hips! No more searching for the things you need. Thousands of professional detailers and auto technicians use our Detailer's Helper tool belts, and now we're bringing the same functionality and quality to your garage! Soft and light material so it's easy to wear, and won't scrape or scratch like bulky leather tool belts 100% configurable so you can set it up the way it works best for you Multiple bags that make organization simple Keep all of your bottles, tools, and supplies right on your hips! Individual Supplies and Tool Bags – Carry Anything! Towel/Tool Loop Add-On Bags Available Comfortable and Adjustable Easy-to-Wear Belt – For waists up to 44″ (can be resized for smaller waists and Larger belts available). Durable, Soft, Machine-Washable Cotton Fabric – Handy Helper was designed to be soft and surface-friendly; with no metal, plastic, or harsh fabric has been used, so you can keep your surfaces (and skin) scratch-free. Designed not to scratch car or RV paint. High Quality Materials and Workmanship - Don't be fooled by cheap alternatives, this belt will last for years! Holds All of Your detailing and shop supplies: Chemical bottles Towels Scrub brushes Hand tools Screws, bolts, and nuts Electrical supplies Applicator pads And so much more Plus - so many other uses around the house, campground, grill, garden, and yard! Specifications: Material: Cotton Bags, Nylon and Velcro Belt Weight: 12oz Available Colors: Black with Black Piping; Black with Blue Piping; Black with Green Piping Waist Size: Up to 44" (Up to 49" available) Bag Sizes: 12" x 8"; 12" x 6"; 8" x 5" Loop Size: 5" x 1"
Using a foam cannon to wash your rig and toys is an awesome way to easily soap the entire surface to make washing even easier!  Adds more soap to the surface than traditional methods for added lubricity and protection for your paint. A great addition to our wash bucket systems and Grit Guard inserts, this foam cannon makes it possible to cover your entire rig in sudsy foam right from your garden hose! No pressure washer is required! Simply add our Rugged Restore Wash Shampoo into the reservoir, fill the rest with water, turn on the hose, and go, you'll be on your way to your very own foam party! You'll be able to apply soap easily in every area that you need to reach. Combine with our Grit Guard Wash Systems for the ultimate wash setup.  FEATURES: High quality plastic, aluminum and brass fittings Adjustable nozzle that can be used with our without foam cannon Adjustable foam/pressure level on the foam cannon/reservoir Quick connect attachment - easily remove foam cannon for easy filling Marked for Soap and Water amounts for easy mixing Pre-filter on hose connection to prevent clogging Works great with our Rugged Restore Wash Shampoo ASSEMBLY DIRECTIONS: Ensure reservoir plastic tube is firmly pressed into the bottom of the foam cannon lid Line up notches with foam lance end and the connector in the foam cannon lid and press into place until it clicks to lock Attach garden hose to sprayer Unscrew foam cannon lid and fill with Wash Shampoo and water; replace lid and tighten Attach sprayer to foam cannon lid and turn on water source Adjust spray dial on foam cannon lid to desired foam level Optional: Use 3/4" to 1/2" quick connect end on sprayer if you have a hose that will accept it. Use "duck bill" piece on foam cannon lid in place of foam lance for additional foaming option Note - foam and pressure will vary based on incoming water pressure at your location, and while adjustment on the foam cannon is possible, it is somewhat limited if low-pressure conditions exist. USE DIRECTIONS: Assemble foam cannon as above Fill reservoir according to the directions on your Wash Shampoo soap, which may or may not match the provided "soap" line on the reservoir Connect foam cannon section to the sprayer section Spray entire vehicle with foam Using a 2-bucket wash method with our Grit Guard Wash System and our Wash Mitt and various brushes, scrub the vehicle from top to bottom until completely clean On hot sunny days, it may be necessary to add foam and/or rinse in sections to prevent water spots Remove foam cannon section, and use sprayer to rinse Thoroughly dry using a Rugged Restore Drying Towel Thoroughly rinse reservoir, fill with clean water, and run through the lance to remove residual soap


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