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$49.99 $54.99 sale

Using a foam cannon to wash your rig and toys is an awesome way to easily soap the entire surface to make washing even easier! 

Adds more soap to the surface than traditional methods for added lubricity and protection for your paint.

A great addition to our wash bucket systems and Grit Guard inserts, this foam cannon makes it possible to cover your entire rig in sudsy foam right from your garden hose! No pressure washer is required!

Simply add our Rugged Restore Wash Shampoo into the reservoir, fill the rest with water, turn on the hose, and go, you'll be on your way to your very own foam party! You'll be able to apply soap easily in every area that you need to reach.

Combine with our Grit Guard Wash Systems for the ultimate wash setup. 


  • High quality plastic, aluminum and brass fittings
  • Adjustable nozzle that can be used with our without foam cannon
  • Adjustable foam/pressure level on the foam cannon/reservoir
  • Quick connect attachment - easily remove foam cannon for easy filling
  • Marked for Soap and Water amounts for easy mixing
  • Pre-filter on hose connection to prevent clogging
  • Works great with our Rugged Restore Wash Shampoo


  • Ensure reservoir plastic tube is firmly pressed into the bottom of the foam cannon lid
  • Line up notches with foam lance end and the connector in the foam cannon lid and press into place until it clicks to lock
  • Attach garden hose to sprayer
  • Unscrew foam cannon lid and fill with Wash Shampoo and water; replace lid and tighten
  • Attach sprayer to foam cannon lid and turn on water source
  • Adjust spray dial on foam cannon lid to desired foam level
  • Optional: Use 3/4" to 1/2" quick connect end on sprayer if you have a hose that will accept it. Use "duck bill" piece on foam cannon lid in place of foam lance for additional foaming option

Note - foam and pressure will vary based on incoming water pressure at your location, and while adjustment on the foam cannon is possible, it is somewhat limited if low-pressure conditions exist.


  • Assemble foam cannon as above
  • Fill reservoir according to the directions on your Wash Shampoo soap, which may or may not match the provided "soap" line on the reservoir
  • Connect foam cannon section to the sprayer section
  • Spray entire vehicle with foam
  • Using a 2-bucket wash method with our Grit Guard Wash System and our Wash Mitt and various brushes, scrub the vehicle from top to bottom until completely clean
  • On hot sunny days, it may be necessary to add foam and/or rinse in sections to prevent water spots
  • Remove foam cannon section, and use sprayer to rinse
  • Thoroughly dry using a Rugged Restore Drying Towel
  • Thoroughly rinse reservoir, fill with clean water, and run through the lance to remove residual soap


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