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When we get back from the trail, our rigs and toys are filthy and covered in all sorts of dirt, mud, and debris. The last thing you want to do is rub that stuff all over your vehicle's surfaces while you're washing it, scratching the paint, plastic, and other services!

That's where the the Grit Guard 5 Gallon Washing System comes in! As you place your wash mitt into the bucket, dirt and debris fall to the bottom where it is kept by the unique Grit Guard insert design. For extra cleaning, simply rub the wash mitt over the insert to clean additional material from it.

You'll have a clean mitt to touch your vehicle every time!


The Grit Guard 5 Gallon Washing System is a superb cleaning kit that includes a heavy-duty 5 Gallon Grit Guard Wash Bucket with a matching leak-proof Gamma Seal Lid and Grit Guard Insert.

The leak proof lid allows you to keep or transport your wash buckets without making a mess. When you just have a quick clean up and your wash solution is still clean, simply put the top on for next time.

This convenient system is ideal for most any car, truck, trailer or boat. The Grit Guard Washing System is designed to prevent swirl marks and scratches while washing your vehicle.

For additional convenience, add our 4-wheel dolly, and simply roll your bucket around as you wash!


  • 5 Gallon GritGuard High Quality Bucket with Handle
  • Black Gamma Lid
  • Black GritGuard Insert

For maximum convenience, add our Grit Guard Bucket Dolly!



For best results, we recommend using the same 2-bucket wash method that professional detailers use. Use one bucket, insert, and lid for your WASH solution, and a second for your RINSE solution. Dip your wash mitt into the WASH bucket, suds the vehicle, and dip into the RINSE bucket and repeat.





In order to keep shipping costs down, when multiple buckets are ordered, only one will be shipped assembled (in order that they may be stacked in the shipping box). The additional buckets will ship without the lid attached. Use a mallet or dead blow hammer to install the gamma lid ring.

If you prefer to not do this assembly, let us know when you order and we can ship in separate boxes for an additional shipping fee.

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