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We love our soft tops, but it doesn't take long before sun, wind, dirt, and age take a toll on them. 

Thanks to SOFTTOPP™, you can make and get and keep your top looking its best.

Although designed specifically for Jeep tops, SOFTTOPP will work perfectly for Toyotas, UTVs, and other 4x4's that have vinyl or fabric tops and surfaces. 

  • Formulated Exclusively for Fabric & Vinyl Jeep Soft Tops, Upholstery and Accessories
  • Safely Removes Toughest Stains, Dirt and Grime as well as Some Mildews
  • Will Not Harm Paint, Chrome, Plastic, Rubber or Wood Surfaces
  • Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable & Non-Toxic
  • Tested and Endorsed by Haartz Corporation - World's Leading Jeep Top Material Manufacturer Since 1907
  • Also works for other automotive and household surfaces, like hot tub covers, outdoor furniture, upholstery, and more

SOFTTOPP™ Fabric & Vinyl Top Cleaner has been exclusively formulated clean both fabric and vinyl soft tops as well as upholstery and other  accessories.

The SOFTTOPP Fabric & Vinyl Top Cleaner will safely and effectivly remove even the toughest stains, dirt and grime as well as some types of mildew.

Although SOFTTOPP Fabric & Vinyl Top Cleaner is tough on dirt, yet will not harm or streak your paint, metal, plastic, vinyl, fabric or rubber surfaces.

SOFTTOPP Fabric & Vinyl Top Cleaner can be safely used on your soft top, dashboards, door panels, carpet, exterior & interior plastic, rubber, vinyl and even tires.

Our low pH balanced, no bleach, anti-oxidant exclusive formula will not leave a sticky residue and it is also environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic.


SOFTTOPP™ Fabric & Vinyl Top Cleaner

  • Rinse vehicle top thoroughly to remove loose particles and debris.
  • Apply SOFTTOPP Fabric & Vinyl Top Cleaner evenly on wet surface and scrub lightly with a RAGGTOPP Soft Top Cleaning Brush. Let difficult stains stand for 10 to 20 minutes before lightly scrubbing to loosen soil and stains.
  • Follow up after cleaning with SOFTTOPP Vinyl Top Protectant or SOFTTOPP Fabric Top Protectant.

Cleaning may be more difficult in cold climates below 54° F.

Tested and Endorsed by HAARTZ, The Original Manufacturer of Jeep® Tops Since 1970.